What To Bring

In case this is your first trip to Roatan we have created a list of items you should pack with you and more importantly, what you don't need to bring!

- Your Passport!

You won't get far without it! Make sure to double check the expiration date on your passport - it must be valid for at least six months prior to your return flight. Many countries have different rules and regulations in terms of returning back home as well, so check your home country's policies too!

- A Well Packed (But Light) Carry On

We don't like to point this one out too much, but unfortunately airlines sometimes lose bags, and if you don't have a well packed carry on you might have to go shopping! Our go to items are a change or two of summer clothes (a couple pairs of shorts and t-shirts, flip flops) a bathing suit, any of your electronics and chargers (don't forget the earbuds or headphones for the plane!), your carry-on toiletries and medications and any valuables you may be travelling with. A reusable water bottle is always nice to have too!

- Clothing and Sun Glasses

Typically, the weather is warm and sunny here, but we also have a rainy season too. It's always a good idea to double check what the forecast will be during your vacation. A couple of our go to sites are Google (obviously), Time and Date and AccuWeather. Roatan is a pretty laid back island so shorts, capri pants, sandals, tanks and short sleeved shirts are a must but we also recommend a couple of less casual items for upscale dinners out. Try to stick with lightweight cottons, linen or silk blend items as they breathe better than synthetic materials. Sunglasses with UV protection and or Polarized Sunglasses are a must have - the UV protects directly from the sun and the Polarized cuts down on the glare.

Beachwear and bathing suits are a must on the beach or sitting poolside, but don't forget your cover ups and hats too - in case you get too much sun one day! There is a great walking or running loop in the neighborhood, so if you plan on keeping up your exercising regime remember it will most likely be warm, so our rule is the lighter the better! Local walking trails, excursions, zip lining and other activities are available and you may like to have a pair of sport sandals or runners for. A quick tip: clothes take longer to dry here with the humidity, so pack accordingly!

- Prescriptions and Medications

If you have an allergy or need a certain prescription from home, it is best to bring it with you. We have plenty of pharmacies here with many medication options, but better to be safe than sorry! Also, if you have sensitive skin it is also best to bring your own sunscreen, just in case.

- A pen!

I know this one sounds odd, but honestly, wouldn't you rather be the person who doesn't have to go looking for a pen when you have to fill out your customs forms on the plane? A small item, but a good one.

- A couple of apps you may want to download......

If you don't speak Spanish - Google Translate is awesome. You can type single words in, or even translate a conversation. This comes in handy more than you think it would! Secondly, a currency calculator app - if you are planning on shopping the local markets and such, some items are listed in Lempira (the local currency) and some are in US Dollars.

- Speaking of Dollars!

Reduce your credit card currency charges and plan to bring US Dollars or Lempiras with you, with a good amount of small denominations for tipping. There are Honduran ATM's on the island that you can withdraw from, but check with us prior to doing so. Most restaurants accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal, but the street and beach vendors only accept cash!

- And Last But Not Least...Any Personal Dive Equipment!

Roatan is well known for it's diving (and snorkeling), so if you are an avid diver or a have some of your own equipment bring it along if you prefer to dive with your own. If not, don't worry! The dive shop will have you covered! We can also store your equipment in our secure scuba room on the property.


We have your back! Our Villas are fully stocked, but in case you were going to pack some of these - don't worry about it!

- Insulated Mugs

- Insulated Beach Bags

- Water Bottles

- Can and Bottle Koozies!

- Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

- Towels and Linens - including Beach Towels

- We have a great pharmacy right in West Bay for anything from sunscreen, upset stomachs or headaches