Concierge Services

Food & Beverages

Do you want to arrive at your Vacation Villa and have it fully stocked with food and drinks? Would you rather have someone else do the shopping for you throughout your stay? Do you like USDA tenderloin or steaks? Or maybe a turkey or ham for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Let us know, we have an extensive list of items for pre-order and on demand that can be delivered right to your door - so be sure to ask us about it!

Day Trips & Activities 

Do you want to plan a day trip, or do some activities while you are here? We want your trip to be memorable and amazing, so we have partnered with local guides and companies that we would highly recommend. 

Vehicle Rental

To Rent A Car - Or Not?

We offer transportation options to and from the Airport, so no worries there! But do you want to go up to the East End one day and have an awesome lunch at Kristi's Overlook or dine over the ocean at La Sirena - there are many things to do up island and maybe you want to take a tour on your own? We can arrange a vehicle rental for one day or your whole stay! Depending on the time of year and where you plan to go you may only need a small car, although trucks or SUVs are recommended if you are going to Camp Bay or further up East.